I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with Dr. Cheryl Gross! I had searched for a long time to find the right Chiropractor that would help me with my neck and back pain. Most everyone I had seen before simply didn't fit my needs. I'm sorry I didn't act sooner in seeing Dr. Gross- she has absolutely been money well spent and I would easily recommend her to everyone I know! Deanna Maio-Business Coach & Trainer SavvyGals Coaching & Consulting, LLC http://www.savvygals.com

I had seen a chiropractor for many years, but my wife kept telling me to try her chiropractor, Dr.Gross. Finally, I did. I found that her adjustments were more gentle and seemed to last longer than my other Dr.'s adjustments. I have scoliosis and 7 vertebrae fusions, which does not make me an easy patient. Dr.Gross seems to know exactly what I need, and I have found that I feel better under her care. Dr.Gross takes the time to explain what she is doing, and her laser light therapy is terrific!!! Dan Scott 
Prior to seeing Dr.Gross, I had many years of chronic neck pain issues, mainly a relentless muscle spasm in my right neck and right shoulder blade. Massage did not help,and sometimes the pain was debilitating. On good days, I was functional, on bad days, I had a severe muscle headache and insomnia. I would try to sleep and feel like I was "wired" on caffeine. Amazingly, during this time, I was seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. He helped, but never fixed the problem. Somehow I found out about Dr.Gross and her special NUCCA technique. In desperation, I made an appointment, but did not expect much. After my first appointment, I felt like the pain and spasms were 50% less. On my second visit, I KNEW something good was happening. My neck was starting to relearn what normal felt like. It was a wonderful feeling. I had a few more adjustments, and now I only return when I feel the old symptoms come back. Dr.Gross has truly changed my quality of life. Lisa Scott 
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